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Idea STEAM Enrichment for Preschoolers specializes in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) based enrichment activities for early childhood.

At IDEA Lab, our students are encouraged to explore, observe, ask questions, predict and become intellectual, global learners while engaging in Technology, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science Explorations, Art classes and Cooking.

Program Incorporates

STEAM based activities encouraging Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics based principles

Strict 8:1 Ratio

The Fun Stuff

Chef Academy Cooking Skills
Technology incorporating pre-reading and writing skills
Science Explorations Lab
Art Studio Big Pieces

Science Lab

Science Lab provides both teacher-directed and child-initiated opportunities for critical thinking, science experiments and investigations. These activities reinforce simple to complex concepts and reinforce learning taking place in the homeroom.

Tech Lab

Tech Lab allows children to experiment and explore reading, technical skills, math concepts and critical thinking programs. These applications and programs are geared to enhance the learning taking place in the homeroom and allows reinforcement of vocabulary and lessons.

Art Studio

Art Studio is the place for the Big messy art projects, mural and mixed media. Art Studio is full of all kinds of art materials and allows for exploration of themes and ideas through many mediums.

Cooking School

Indoor Gym is the place where all music and movement takes place. Spark Gym, music for aardvarks and many other tools are utilized to work on gross motor skills.